26 Mar 2015

New Distributed Storage Data Platform Hedvig Innovation

Hedvig innovation comes from the idea that current storage approaches are not the best, as their limitations lie in the fact that from the ever-increasing amount of data that businesses create in terms of such fast rates of data generation systems tend to struggle. 

Hedvig distributed platform, allows businesses to expand storage set-up as required, without having to constantly re-architect storage architecture. They was it works is that it adapts to existing storage assets, as well as future storage purchases.

Hedvig storage is both hardware- and compute-agnostic and operational for legacy, virtual and cloud environments. Administrators are able to provision storage and provide self-service access to internal and external users. Furthermore, the service can scale from small deployments to handling petabytes of data and subsequently data can reside on-premise, public and private clouds.

This service is currently generating a lot of interest as well as just having recently received a substantial investment from investors.

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24 Mar 2015

Twitter Its Location Service Tweets Partners with Foursquare Tagging

Twitter and Foursquare partner to provide geotagged tweets.

Following the previous reported story on Business Insider

Following a Twitter post announcement, the improvement user experience for twitter users, the feaure of location based tweets from mobile devices, does help twitter better understand the data that it generates from an analytical and marketing point of view.

Twitter may extend its monetization and advertising capabilities as a service delivery to its users and marketing offers, This improved featured with Foursquare does add more relevance, however location tweet is not something new, nevertheless it can now provide users more accurate data by providing them with location-relevant Tweets before they build their own timeline.   Feel free to add your comments to this post, thank you.

13 Jul 2014

Amazon Web Services Focus On Productivity Tools Solutions for Users

Amazon Web Services is best known for cloud computing instances, databases and storage. 

Moreover AWS is now venturing into productivity tools offerings.

Amazon most known end user productivity tool is the Amazon Cloud Drive. Since its launch in 2011, it has been gaining more and more uptake particularly with the many hardware mobile devices users that Amazon now produces including the latest Fire Phone.

Within this framework service offering, Amazon now has a full-featured competitor to Google Drive for Work and Dropbox which includes a web-based interface. The current preview offering is targeted at businesses, without a current free offering for end users nevertheless it can be envisaged that afterwards once preview stage is over the strategy may already include end users too, in a similar way to google apps. Below is a video introduction to Amazon Zocalo.

Another feature that AWS’s already offers for developers is its mobile app analytics service. Currently, AWS offers everything developers need to build their applications, either for mobile or web apps.

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