30 Mar 2016

Stratumn, Platform as a service For Developers Enabling BlockChain Apps

A new platform-as-a-service Stratumn,  designed for developers to build applications. 

Stratumn is a Paris-based startup, a platform that allows applications to communicate with the bitcoin blockchain.


Users can build, deploy and run applications on the platform-as-a-service, where the resulted developed applications communicate with bitcoin blockchain. It is quite similar to the Heroku service.

The way the bitcoin blockchain works is by processing, on a distributed database where it is recorded all bitcoin transactions with an associated time-stamp. In its architecture it has a built-in open specification called Chainscript as JSON files that handle data. As a result, a user can then send the data to the blockchain with this method on the platorm. Later on the user can then retrieve and audit these packets of data by adhering to the Chainscript format.

There are many cases of developers building applications that were not necessarily related to bitcoin blockchain, but utilized the benefits of blockchain. As an example there is Stampery which has the capability to replace notaries. The service is designed with the capability to issue legally binding proofs for a user sensitive documents, with these proofs residing on the blockchain.


The innovation here by Stratumn is that, is offering users and their applications to communicate with the blockchain with little development complexity.

At the moment the biggest blockchain is the bitcoin’s blockchain, the opportunity here for Stratumn is that if it can build a blockchain-agnostic platform that works with private blockchains or alternative blockchains, then users can build applications with little development complexity on top of decentralized databases.

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28 Mar 2016

Google Improves its Hybrid Cloud Offer, Partners with Splunk, BMC and Tenable

Google Improves Hybrid Cloud Security Offer, Partners with Splunk, BMC and Tenable

Following the offerings from competitors such as IBM, Cisco and Microsoft where they already offer their customers an expansion on their services for the enterprise market, with an option offering on hybrid cloud environments, it then follows that Google in order to improve its offerings, it has now partnered and is integrating with SplunkBMC and Tenable

Google Cloud Platform

As a result there is now more options on the Google Stackdriver, a platform that allows management of  Information Technology operations between Google’s cloud platform, AWSAzure among others, following the new partnerships by offering security and compliance.

Deepak Tiwari and Joe Corkery from Google Cloud stated “Integration with rich third-party ops solutions is important for customers, and we know that many of you are already using these tools to manage hybrid operations in private and public clouds”.

In terms of their third party partnerships, the offering from Splunk, allows Enterprise users to have insights onto GCP traffic, specifically covering Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), integrates via Google’s Pub/Sub messaging API for routing data between apps.

Regarding the BMC integration, users have the ability to manage all applications in one window, while also monitoring security and compliance.  And the Tenable integration is focused on its SecurityCenter Continuous View product, in which GCP users can monitor what apps, devices and people are accessing your network or running on it. SecurityCenter Continuous View works across both on-premise and cloud environments.

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