19 Mar 2014

Cloudera Cloud Service Distribution Receives Further Investment

Cloudera start-up technology company that specializes in Apache Hadoop based data management software and services.

Received investment led by T. Rowe Price and Google Ventures. 

The way Cloudera Hadoop works is that it helps manage big data in a business by offering software, services and support for databases.  When there is a requirement for raw data to be analised such as patterns or trends or even the possibility of finding data answers in pools of data that has not been used previously it uses its approach of producing efficient results.  

Cloudera distributes Hadoop by providing practical services, in a way similar to the existing Red Hat and its Linux framework.

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Nitrous.IO Cloud Development Framework Gets More Investment

Nitrous.IO, is a development framework that allows flexible and collaborative online development environment

It was announced that it has received more investment today from Bessemer Venture Partners.

David Cowan partner at the investment company stated: “The development community brought cloud computing to the masses, and now Nitrous.IO returns the favour!”.

One of the drawbacks of software development is that many hours can be spent creating, maintaining and debugging localhost. Nitrous advantage is that it takes this drawback away from the development software coding cycle.

Nitrous.IO is very popular with software developers who are at early stages on learning how to code. The it works is by a few clicks is sufficient to set up a development environment on the platform.  With Nitrous.IO there is no need to configure machines as it puts early coders simply concentrated on the coding development. Furthermore, as the platform is available in a browser, users have tremendous flexibility with almost no investment in hardware capabilities.  

It is expected that with this latest investment, the company will focus it solution into the enterprise market. Furthermore, it can be envisaged an expansion of its services for technology start-ups where larger existing business will continue to follow the current pattern of facilitating and welcoming the cloud development, where Nitrous can present a development environment available at the browser.

The company CEO stated “We believe in letting people to code from wherever they want, but we also know not everybody will convert and develop in the cloud,” Nitrous also has support for Windows and Mac which enables software developers to utilize their existing editors and save to their local file system, which is then synced in real-time with the cloud service.

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23 Nov 2013

Twitter Enhances Security on Its Data Encryption Service Keys

With data security in mind, Twitter has enhanced its service by enabling Perfect Forward Secrecy, including website and API feeds as a preventive measure in anticipation for any possible breach in the future. 

This new feature, Perfect Forward Secrecy works by securing historical data so that in the eventuality that current data is decrypted for any reason or flaw is then ensures that past data will not become accessible or readable straight away.

Twitter’s Jacob Hoffman-Andrews stated “If an adversary is currently recording all Twitter users’ encrypted traffic, and they later crack or steal Twitter’s private keys, they should not be able to use those keys to decrypt the recorded traffic”.  As stated at the Electronic Frontier Foundation .

Initially Twitter implemented fully HTTPS compliant in early 2011, though a login flaw uncovered late last year that allowed passwords to be sent in plain text. This new security enhancement will further complement the current TLS and SSL protocols in use by Twitter to protect logins and transmission of data across its network. 

Twitter now integrated a security solution where an individual machine client and server session generates its own encryption key, which does never sends the unique key over networks. In the case where an organization attempts to collect a large amount of Twitter data, it will not however be able to break one lock and read all the data, as from now as a result in order to be possible to break significant data it must unlock thousands or hundreds of additional keys to even read any significant relevant data that makes it even worthwhile.

The only slight drawback is that the site will encounter a slight initial slowness in its speed with this implementation around 150ms. 

In this context,  Google already implemented PFS around two years ago,  and it appears Facebook will also implement. Further information on PFS is available on this blog here.

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