13 Jul 2014

Amazon Web Services Focus On Productivity Tools Solutions for Users

Amazon Web Services is best known for cloud computing instances, databases and storage. 

Moreover AWS is now venturing into productivity tools offerings.

Amazon most known end user productivity tool is the Amazon Cloud Drive. Since its launch in 2011, it has been gaining more and more uptake particularly with the many hardware mobile devices users that Amazon now produces including the latest Fire Phone.

Within this framework service offering, Amazon now has a full-featured competitor to Google Drive for Work and Dropbox which includes a web-based interface. The current preview offering is targeted at businesses, without a current free offering for end users nevertheless it can be envisaged that afterwards once preview stage is over the strategy may already include end users too, in a similar way to google apps. Below is a video introduction to Amazon Zocalo.

Another feature that AWS’s already offers for developers is its mobile app analytics service. Currently, AWS offers everything developers need to build their applications, either for mobile or web apps.

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2 May 2014

Microsoft Acquires High Performance Cloud Computing Business

Microsoft has announced the acquisition of GreenButton, a company that specializes in high-performance cloud-computing that uses Microsoft Azure for its operation.

The acquired business GreenButton provides its customers with a service requirement that permits large amounts of compute power and data processing in a wide range of fields such as science, engineering, media, finance, etc. by utilising cloud computing capabilities in their business model. 

The company has custom developed a variety of integration processes with existing software products which are capable to offload their compute-intensive processing to the cloud. Examples of this service includes bio-informatics platform Geneious, Pixar’s RenderMan On Demand and NVIDIA’s mental ray. Furthermore, the company also offers developers an SDK for integrating its services with their existing applications.

Currently. the company service also supports using HP Public Cloud, OpenStack, VMWare and Amazon Web Services.

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29 Apr 2014

IBM Follows Trend and Creates Own Cloud Marketplace Hub

Following IBM Impact Conference, it was announced a new cloud marketplace hub, an central marketplace for IBM users of its cloud services and a new opportunity marketplace for third-party solution partners.

Over the last several years, IBM has been putting together a portfolio of cloud services from Softlayer for infrastructure, BlueMix for development and more than 100 cloud-based software services including recent purchases of Silverpop and Cloudant

IBM's Steve Robinson stated that this new marketplace goal is to offer and bring most of its offerings together and offer new opportunities to partners “Many clients have been asking for a consistent way to explore what IBM has and ways to discuss [and understand] a fuller spectrum of what’s available”. The new marketplace follows the trend of other established consumer marketplaces such as the Apple store and google play approach in its offer to users to experience and consume software at a popular central hub approach. In this case, this new marketplace is more in line with that of Salesforce App Exchange

IBM is inviting companies who have built apps on BlueMix or are running apps on SoftLayer to put their products into the marketplace.

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