27 Aug 2015

One Card for All Your Credit Cards In One Place Only

Coin a device that wants to replace all of your credit cards with a single card, has an update, Coin 2.0.

The new updated version Coin 2.0 now uses NFC and is EMV compatible thus enabling users to just tap for payments with services such as Apple Pay, and now also integrating their chip-and-pin cards to the device.

The original Coin, debuted in November 2013 on Kickstarter, didn’t start shipping until November 2014 to early investors, and only regular orders being shipped in April 2015 in the US.

With this new version Coin 2.0, any card holder which has an EMV credit card can use the device for contactless payments, and the new version now also has feature improvements including an electronic stripe, a 2x faster display, a thinner card (by 8 percent), and the ability to give cards nicknames within the app.

You can learn more about Coin.

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26 Mar 2015

New Distributed Storage Data Platform Hedvig Innovation

Hedvig innovation comes from the idea that current storage approaches are not the best, as their limitations lie in the fact that from the ever-increasing amount of data that businesses create in terms of such fast rates of data generation systems tend to struggle. 

Hedvig distributed platform, allows businesses to expand storage set-up as required, without having to constantly re-architect storage architecture. They was it works is that it adapts to existing storage assets, as well as future storage purchases.

Hedvig storage is both hardware- and compute-agnostic and operational for legacy, virtual and cloud environments. Administrators are able to provision storage and provide self-service access to internal and external users. Furthermore, the service can scale from small deployments to handling petabytes of data and subsequently data can reside on-premise, public and private clouds.

This service is currently generating a lot of interest as well as just having recently received a substantial investment from investors.

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